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screw top tins

Metal packaging,
a versatile option for a range of industrial applications

Meet legislative obligations and delivery for your customers. Make Fenton Packaging Ltd your chosen stockists for metal packaging, serving manufacturers across the UK.

Durable, secure and cost-effective

If you’re looking to package potentially dangerous goods, such as flammables or toxic liquids, you’ll need to ensure you follow the guidance of the Transportation of Hazardous Substances legislation. Fenton Packaging Ltd offers a range of packaging solutions that are UN or RID/ADR certified, as well as alternative options that ensure your product is packaged responsibly, whilst meeting your needs.


Whilst the external colour of most of our range is white, we can provide decorated containers (dependent on MOQ) or a colour coating of your choice. Internal lacquers are also available for the storage of water-based products or those considered to contain corrosive chemical substances, in addition to the plain internal finish of our tinplate cans for products containing solvents. Once all factors have been considered, we can deliver metal packaging from single pallet quantities to full truck loads, to meet the needs of your supply. Simply contact our offices in Leeds or elsewhere to settle on the right solution for your business.

metal bottles

Metal bottles

  • ​Mould and rust resistant making them food safe

  • More environmentally friendly than plastic bottles

  • Can be used for a range of liquids and gasses

  • Packaging can be decorated, as per your request

Tinplate lever-lid tins

  • Available in sizes ranging from 125ml to 5-litre, with each tin individually engineered and manufactured to the industry recognised quality standard BS1262.

  • Can be stacked up to 4 pallets high when filled, allowing the customer to benefit from improved finished goods stockholding.

  • Available in either plain internal or lacquered internal finishes, suitable  for a wide range of industrial liquid, paste and powder products.

  • Can be recycled, supporting UK waste hierarchy and individual business sustainability targets to reduce landfill waste.

lever-lid tins
screw top tins

Tinplate rectangular tins

  • A proven method of packaging for a wide range of industrial liquids, e.g., oils & lubricants

  • Available in sizes ranging from 125ml to 5-litres

  • Screw top and berg closures available in a range of sizes

  • UN approval on sizes 250ml up to 5-litres

Reduced head drums

  • Normal method of packaging for the oil, lubricant, fertilizer and chemical markets

  • Available in 25litre size, with the tops of the drums reduced to allow for positive stacking

  • UN certified drums are available for the transportation of hazardous products

  • Tinplate drums are available coated externally, plain or lacquered internally, and the top and bottom of the drums can be lacquered to prevent rusting

reduced head drums
metal packaging tins

Open top pails

  • Containers nest together and easily de-nest when required

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and specifications UN approved from 1 to 30 litre

Steel drums

  • New and reconditioned open-top and tight head drums are available from stock

  • UN approved for liquids and solids – can be used to transport hazardous substances

  • External colours of blue and black with other plain coloured coatings with minimum quantities on request

  • Plain or internal lacquered coatings available

metal packaging tins
plastic food containers

A popular, versatile packaging solution for various uses.

flexible packaging

The new, approved way to carry hazardous materials.

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